Class of 2023 • Photography

Hope Clifford

Hope Clifford
Ulster University, Belfast School of Art


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


Industrial, Agricultural ArchitectureI worked with a unique blend of agricultural, architectural, and industrial photography to capture a bio-gas plant of Northern Ireland in a captivating way to show the intriguing interplay between the man-made and natural world, casting light on our modern lives. I reject conventional standards of beauty, instead, creating dynamic images that represent intersection of the natural and the built environment within the landscape. My photographs seem to transform the everyday into something extraordinary and visionary. I try and push the boundaries of visual expression and strive to create a meaningful exploration of the industrial and agricultural landscapes. Through my lens, I hopefully produce distinctive yet relatable images by sculpting an entirely new narrative, weaving together elements of energy, environmentalism, and nature, to create a powerful visual language. My approach to investigative photography reveals insight into the transformative capabilities of energy, exposing the intricate and complex states of our world and illuminating the promise of bio-gas power. Through my photography, I hope to provide a stunning insight into the stunning visuals of bio-gas energy in graphical detail and encourage us to consider the environmental benefits compared to other energy sources.I shot this project on a 4x5” large format negative camera to help capture a greater depth of field and detail in my images. I then developed the negatives from each shoot before entering the darkroom to experiment with the enlarger machine and chemical printing for the first time to produce 16x20” portfolio work. My large prints were also taken on negatives but have been printed digitally to achieve a large scale to create a feeling of the sublime.
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