Class of 2023 • Fashion

Isobel Archer

Isobel Archer
Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


The inspiration for this collection is taken from my passion for the GAA culture in Ireland. Living abroad allowed me to fully realise the extent of the sport’s role in conserving Irish culture, and how unique it is to Ireland. I spent many summers as a child playing hurling, and this first-hand experience gave me detailed knowledge of the passion and connectivity in the game – of the sport’s culture and physicality. This specific atmosphere was aimed to be explored within this collection- to investigate and portray the utter chaos of the game. Working with the chaotic movement of the players on the pitch informed the initial shape development, and contrasting this with the clean lines of the field was integral in achieving the silhouettes. The combination of contrasting fabrics and embroidery skills learned on internship successfully informed the texture development, allowing for the movement of players and tackling to be represented within the collection.
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