Class of 2022 • Painting

Jack O’Dea

Crawford College of Art and Design


Graduation Year
Class of 2022


How can the same space be so full of memories yet be thoroughly empty?

'Homebound' explores the continuous passing of time in a house where it feels like time has been suspended. This installation gives consideration to the house where I live, exploring the idea of past and present coexisting, a reflection of time contained in the changes of its space.

My work delves into the experience of living within a transitional space that was once full of life, but now is empty. I wanted to create a bedroom in my house and have it embody a kind of liminal space. I tried to capture my home as a metaphor for a changing period in my life. I also created a series of paintings in this space, and they appear around the room. My paintings show imperceptible changes in particular objects in a home that now is simply a house.
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