Class of 2022 • Animation

Jagoda Biarda

Jagoda Biarda
Limerick School of Art and Design


Graduation Year
Class of 2022


My name is Jagoda Biarda, I am an animator/artist who has a passion for creating art that makes people appreciate the simple things of life, the people that surround us and the beauty of creation.Video 1 : ease | Animated ShortInspired by passersby observed at the beaches of Gdańsk, a nostalgic yet uplifting short that makes you want to relax at the beach. Look closer to see a fellow snoozing instead of reading, a jogger in the distance and ships moving on the horizon. Created digitally yet made to have an organic traditionally animated kind of feel.Video 2: despair | Animated Short Made as an exploration of negative emotions created to have the viewer relate and empathise with the nameless figure. I used it to experiment with the style and look of my animations, drawing from traditional techniques such as watercolour while utilising the advantages of digital tools such as Toon Boom Harmony.
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