Class of 2022 • Animation

James Carvill



Graduation Year
Class of 2022


My name is James, I enjoy pushing myself to see what I can create and wanted to bring Piper's world and narrative to life. So, of course, I jumped into the deep end and decided to make 'Piper', an animated film trailer for my final year project. I worked on all stages of production, from character design and texturing to animating and compositing. The vast majority of the project was created in Blender. I was inspired by the dozens of piglets in Killruddery, where I work. A pig with wings is a hilarious and cute idea but I took a dramatic and suspenseful approach to the trailer.

It teases the story of Piper: The pig with wings. Piper is found by the mysterious Traveler and together they explore a forgotten land, hoping to uncover the mystery of Piper's origin. All the while being hunted by the Goliath Boar, a massive winged creature that will stop at nothing to keep them from the truth.
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