Class of 2023 • Painting

James Skerritt

James Skerritt
Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


The title of my work is 'A loveletter to life, the world, and to you, my new friend'In my work I tell stories of audacious youngsters and foolhardy pirates bound for thrilling escapades in strange and unknown lands. The imagery in the work is playful and colourful reflecting the themes of friendship, personal courage and positivity. In the work I build vibrant worlds and dramas pulled from imagination, popular fiction and myth to create a dense and challenging narrative for my audience to explore. The work, which is painted on large-scale canvas, uses impasto, collage and sculpture, to compliment the energetic and fun nature of the story. My motivation behind making the work is my desire to create some something for people to learn from and get lost in. I want to make work that offers a new perspective on how we can see the world, and how we can see ourselves and the people around us. There's an open ended nature to the work that allows it to be freely interpreted, and the use of a diverse cast of complex and rich characters creates many different opportunities to engage with the ideas the work presents.I make work because I want to bring something special into the lives of other people. I have all of these ideas and dreams of adventure, friendship and love and I want to share them with his many people as I can.My work is largely influenced by contemporary figurative painters such as Kyle Staver and Peter Doig as well as the Old Masters, Titian and Gentileschi, whose work I study for their depictions action and drama . Staver's work deals with mythological characters and stories, and her expressive and fun use of paint is something that I try to bring into my own practice.
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