Class of 2023 • Print

Jayde Dunphy

Jayde Dunphy
National College of Art and Design (NCAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


My work attempts to understand and catalogue the internet and its transient, ever changing culture. My work focuses on the parts of the internet that make it extremely hard to follow as an observer, as it dictates and creates the world around us faster than we can reckon with it. I hope to be able to catch the internet for what it is, especially as the current changes in our politics, economy, and even ecology cannot be taken for granted. My practice is research and image derived, taking both ideas and theory on and about the internet, and melding it with the ever changing, often recursive and nostalgic visual language of the internet, combined with a passion for understanding it’s intersections with lived experience. Print is an interesting way to explore this, as “outdated” and slow processes deliberately being in conflict with the subject matter allow me to have enough distance from the web to force a more interesting reflection. However, rather than trying to divine signal from noise, I prefer to approach the noise and document it.
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