Class of 2023 • Ceramics

Judith Guiney

Judith Guiney
Ulster University, Belfast School of Art


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


I am an illustrator and sculptor who specialises in working with ceramics. My expertise in these different mediums allows me to seamlessly blend ideas together and corporealise concepts of emotion and introspection. My primary thematic interests surround love and connection, and I seek to further understand myself and the world around me through the creation of different characters and narratives. I am inspired by artists such as Paul Klee and Anne-Sophie Gilloen, who use childlike whimsy and dreamlike imagery in their works.Autoethnography has been the main driving force of my practice, mostly concerning mental health or neurodiversity. I work intuitively, and seek to express feelings and desires I previously would not want to confront: in this way, my practice is deeply therapeutic and self-validating. My ceramic figurines imbue an essence of sadness and vulnerability, as their creation is an therapeutic exercise in abstract self-portraiture.
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