Class of 2023 • Sculpture

Kalika Kulukundis

Kalika Kulukundis
National College of Art and Design (NCAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


My work centres around the meditative nature of making and the simple, peaceful joy that creating things brings me. I try to avoid ‘goal based’ or ‘end product’ thinking in my practice and instead focus on a process based way of working. I have a specific interest in materiality and how we can source our own materials. I believe that working from the very beginning allows for a better understanding of material and how we can manipulate this to produce something unique and sentimental. I enjoy exploring craft practice in my work as I feel that there is a real value in the processing of material and simple repeated actions involved in this to produce highly skilled craft works. The natural world is a strong theme throughout the majority of my work, I have an interest in creatures and species adaptation and how this is associated to cultural heritage. I want my work to gently bring attention and appreciation to the animals, plants and minerals from which things are made and our lives are founded upon.
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