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Kate MacDonald

Kate MacDonald
Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


‘Lost in the Loop’ is a body of work that explores my anxieties about self-regulation and uncertainty for the future through the motif of the fiddle. I use the fiddle to symbolise the inability to tune the strings of my instrument. This anxiety is rooted in a childhood experience with a music teacher that used to shake when tuning children's fiddles and changing their strings. Through printmaking, drawing, video, and found objects, I create work that speaks to the feeling of being overwhelmed and anxious about the future. The project is inspired by my experiences growing up in traditional Irish music, and the fear of losing my connection to the community if I am unable to maintain my instrument. This sense of uncertainty and fear affects my present psyche, as I am always anticipating the moment when the strings will break and I will be unable to tune the fiddle back up. Ultimately, the work speaks to my struggle with emotional dysregulation and the need for external support, both in maintaining my fiddle and managing my anxieties.I have been particularly inspired to expand my practice into the moving image through the works of William Kentridge (e.g. Memo, 2005), Alice Maher (e.g. The Music of Things ‘film-drawing’ series, 2009) and Aideen Barry (e.g. By Slight Ligaments, LCGA Exhibition, 2021).
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