Class of 2021 • Installation

Kate Mcelroy

Crawford College of Art and Design


Graduation Year
Class of 2021


A layering of space and time, my work interplays found elements and photography. Traces of places, remnants of spaces___

A sense of flux, capturing an environment that is in transit and transformation is contrasted by a sense of presence and slow observation. I am interested in the intermingling invisible forces that affects our environments and actions.

I capture elements on the edge of abstraction, stretching the usual register of perception. I present an ambiguity, so the viewer has space to recreate and move beyond the visible. The work often implements an optical oscillation, through this it subtly suggests a malleable, unfixed reality.

My work captures a place in process, simultaneously constructing and deconstructing. It highlights a betweennesswhere definitive boundaries dissolve . . .

Through correlating photographic processes and re-presenting materials often discarded and overlooked, I prise open a gap.

An opening, to consider an alternative___
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