Class of 2022 • Painting

Kate Morrow

National College of Art and Design


Graduation Year
Class of 2022

Project title: Roses

My work explores the human condition through the perspective of a queer Irish woman. I'm interested in mythology, horror, and science fiction, and how these devices can be used to translate the real world. My paintings are politically charged, and I hope, have a voice. Through my use of colour and an abstract/Surrealist style I wish to create a world through paint that ultimately tells a story.

This work focuses on womanhood, the portrayal of women in the media, and the depiction of violence against women in popular culture. This work toys with the male gaze, mixing the female body with mythological creatures and animals. It also references weapons that have been used against women – like the “Schold’s Bridle”: a medieval device used to silence women – as well as modern day weapons.

For years my voice has been silenced, spoken over, or told it wasn’t right. This is how I found my voice.
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