Class of 2021 • Fashion

Kate Ruane

Limerick School of Art and Design


Graduation Year
Class of 2021


For my Graduate collection, my inspiration came from my exposure to music from the 1960’s from my parents, in particular The Beatles. Listening to The Beatles reminds me of the nostalgia of colorful, happy memories growing up. From my research I was inspired by the counterculture movement of the 1960’s which challenged the social norms of the time. I was particularly interested in the color and shape shifting effects of LSD and the experimental and groundbreaking work of the designer Mary Quant. My aim was to achieve a calm, chaotic collection with a dreamlike altered perception to emulate the effects of LSD and the illusion of euphoria. Imagery from the Magical Mystery Tour and The Yellow Submarine albums generated ideas for shape, color, texture and print. For my collection process, I experimented a lot with top stitching detailing and creating different applique samples from my source inspiration to apply onto the garments. I worked on the stand trialing toiles and texture samples.
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