Class of 2023 • Design

Katherine Mc Namara

Katherine Mc Namara
National College of Art and Design (NCAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


Honest RotThis collection of jewellery aims to highlight the beauty of decaying spaces. The sculptural jewellery pieces are made from concrete, which through an experimental new process has become shimmering glass. This process was developed using laser cutting technology, by applying concentrated heat to the surface of the concrete precise vitrified patterns have been achieved. Concrete is an ancient material, often perceived as ugly and brutal. This new finishing technique expands the potential of concrete as a decorative, beautiful material. In this context it has been used in jewellery, but has potential applications across craft, design and architecture.The transformed concrete material is used throughout the collection, illustrating stains and decay. It is aimed at those who love concrete and find beauty in the material - here the transformation of the material is a celebration of it. This collection is an exploration of the built environment as a psychic landscape. Rooted in personal experience of places that have hurt me, helped me, built me up, and broken me down, I have found that the stains on our walls can mirror the stains on our souls. These dark marks can be understood as grotesque, to be covered up and painted over, or they could be celebrated as signs of life being lived fully. This collection celebrates deterioration, embraces destruction and shines a light on the honesty to be found in the midst of rot. Wear your stains with pride - everyone has a stain worth celebrating.
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