Class of 2023 • Sculpture

Katie Carvill

Katie Carvill
Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


As sci fi universes become a staple in modern cinematic storytelling, I enjoy creating universal characters. Personalities that have their own identity and history yet can easily slot into the backgrounds of these cinematic universes. I imagine my characters sitting in a bar in the "Star Wars" universe or shopping in a market in "Guardians of the Galaxy." There is a comfort in the concept of background characters, a reliability. They create a sense of normality within the universe which contrasts to the hero's journey. No pressure just stability, with the occasional casualty but of course, that's show business.My work is the development of a character, their biology, their culture and their environment. frozen in time, a sculptural snapshot of them just existing in the lives I have created for them. This snapshot is achieved through resin cast sculptures. This character is Ozgur Muzammil, of the Seddisi people from the planet Palladum 11. A matriarchal society, he is the son of a chiefess whose culture uses marriage as political contracts with other tribes. Ozgur is a male envoy of his tribe. His mother receives marriage proposals from neighbouring tribes and after the proposals have been narrowed down to accommodate political efforts Ozgur has the luxury of choosing his bride to be. The Sedissi people do not mate for life. Once he has birthed two children from that marriage and they have grown up he may leave the tribe he has married into and return home with the second born child. Then he may take a few years to reside in their sacred place of respite to nurture his skills that he will pass onto his next pair of children. This resin sculpture is a snapshot of Ozgur in this place of respite. He has performed his duties and now can breathe a sigh of relieve. He may rest the mind and the body.
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