Class of 2021 • Film

Lia Campbell



Graduation Year
Class of 2021


“As a director, I am drawn to individual human stories and universal themes that I connect with. I have always been drawn to character based dramas that focus on the experience of a central protagonist. By examining the singular experience of a character, audiences can be transported to a world they may not have seen before, subsequently leaving them with questions they may not have previously considered.

“To All My Darlings'' interested me as it told a story of a young woman, Adaeze, who is a part of the Nigerian-Irish community in Dublin. The film follows her story as she finds out she may never be able to have children, and the implications this has on her relationships and place within her community.
The script was written by the incredibly talented Derek Ugochukwu, and we collaborated to develop the story. For me, the script echoed universal themes of femininity, societal expectations and grief. On a personal level I understood Adaeze’s fear as she attempted to navigate through a
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