Class of 2021 • Painting

Lijuan McQuillan

Technological University Dublin


Graduation Year
Class of 2021


My paintings are an amalgamation of cultural clichés, elements from popular culture, literary references and historical imagery from both Eastern and Western society.
I bring together my past experience of growing up and living in China and my present experience of living in Ireland, integrating my sense of cultural heritage and my perspective as an outsider in another country.
This body of work consists of a series of realist oil paintings. My artistic process begins with digital photomontages, where I experiment by merging a range of personal photos and internet sourced images. These compositions are then developed into oil paintings of various scales that enact a form of hybridization in terms of composition, subject-matter and social commentary.
My work embraces cultural difference and, within these contexts, explores the increased political polarisation of East and West that occurred during the pandemic.
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