Class of 2023 • Sculpture

Lindsay LeBlanc

Lindsay LeBlanc
Burren College of Art


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


The foundation of my practice is both speculative and spectacle.I'm a visual artist based in Fanore, County Clare. My artistic research engages with botanical science,materiality, history, and is theoretically rooted in an inclusive coexistence between the human andmore-than-human world. Thematically, I look to the eco-horror genre for inspiration to filter futureecological concerns and bridge disciplines in order to understand each other.As part of my artistic discipline I have individually and collectively developed international art projects inthe roles of artist, assistant, coordinator, and curator. In my studio I materialize my research utilizing glasscraft processes, immersive installation, and cinematic practical effects techniques. These methodologiesallow me to confront reality, and untangle alterity through narrative, sculptural applications. Concurrently,I look to Gothic literature interpretations for inspiration, researching ways in which environmental naturecan be more meaningfully understood as a site of articulation for environmental empathy.With the intention of presenting truths disguised as cautionary tales and proposing shifts in perspectives, Isituate an audience within my work as an extension of care and concern towards the natural world. Theaim of my inquiries is to activate the tensions between human and more-than human environments,exposing the uncanny truths surrounding anthropocentric arrogance.
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