Class of 2023 • Photography

Lizzie Downes

Lizzie Downes
Griffith College


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


Undocumented probes the inherent contradiction in the state of being ‘paperless’ by documenting the traces, signs and presence of undocumented individuals as they pass through the world. These traces might be very evident or barely perceptible. Their imprint might be indelible or ephemeral. Undocumented is about the invisible individuals who – because they do not qualify for regularised legal status – are precariously employed, with minimal access to public services, and live in constant fear of detection. This project is the outcome of a collaboration between myself and AR, an undocumented woman. Her identity protected, we see her domestic and institutional environments, with glimpses of her personal documents, a reminder of the instability of her status.
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