Class of 2021 • Film

mandy kavanagh

mandy kavanagh
Technological University Dublin


Graduation Year
Class of 2021


An auteur, I appropriate existing footage and combine sound and moving images to create new works. The digital video montages are a merging of appropriated film footage sourced from the internet. This source material is made up of a merging of advertising, popular music videos, historical cinematic footage and text exploring different film genres and combining artistic influences: music, colour, rhythm, poetry, fiction, experimentation, feelings, perception and sound.
I use contemporary digital technologies to locate myself within the works where my face takes the place of the protagonist, the actor or musician in the existing image. I edit, manipulate and layer this footage merging images and sounds. The music video is a persistent trope and often acts as both soundtrack and subject. The video collages use memory and association as a mechanism to question the nature of cinematic perception and the constructing of an embodied cinematic experience.
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