Class of 2023 • Painting

Mary Eustace

Mary Eustace
National College of Art and Design (NCAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


Mary Eustace is my name. I am a Dublin-based artist. I work in severaldifferent mediums; oils, acrylics, pencils, and mixed media. Colourfascinates me. By adding different colours next to each other makingconnections from complimentary colours to experimental couplings ofcolours, this opens one's mind up to possibilities and is of interest to Me.I work from photographs to create paintings. The themes that narrate mypractice include portraiture, media filter/ global happenings, daft playfulimages, also my private space, family and friends.Salvatore of Lucan - is an artist whose work chronicles the everyday lifeof himself and his family in twentieth-century Dublin, I wrote my Thesison him and through an interview and research into him I gained aninsight into his images and himself as a visual artists who has reachedone of the highest levels any Irish artist can attain in their lifetime( tohave one’s painting hang in the National Gallery of Ireland( whereCarraviggo’s images also hang)and Salvatote managed this while still inhis twenties.I have learned a lot on completion of this research essay/thesis. It hashelped me to understand the Dublin art world which I am attempting tonegotiate and have my images have some narrative in.I have acted in an activist stance by exhibiting in the Graduate Exhibitionin NCAD for this year; 2023. It can be stated “But if the goal of artisticactivism is not social change then it loses its raison d’etre.”The portrait of Rory Mason which I made of this Irish hero/young 23 yearold soldier who joined the Ukrainian army to fight the Russian army anddied fighting in Ukraine. I felt compelled to capture his likeness and toexhibit this study, with Rory in his Ukrainian army uniform. Again Artmoves us.I am a visual documenter of my life and family, the world out there andaround me and like a magpie whatever grabs her attention at the timeand what draws her in she documents in the materiality of paint andmixed media.
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