Class of 2023 • Sculpture

Mary Hoy

Mary Hoy
National College of Art and Design (NCAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


COMPOST CRéATIVE*My practice explores ways to bring the viewer closer to nature and in particular, to soil. This led me to pilot a circular composting system within NCAD using repurposed materials, for my Degree Show. In my view, educational systems and community engagement have a pivotal role in the transition to sustainable living. I also believe that ‘soil replicates our community by allowing diversity and individuality’.My practice investigates our current neoliberal reality through the lens of ecofeminism, leading to creative, practical solutions to promoting transformative ways to combat climate change. My key themes relate to our interaction with soil, regenerative farming methods, women in farming, rural sustainability, food security, urban/rural relationships, public urban food growing and the autonomy received in growing our own food. In COMPOST CRéATIVE*, I produced a two-part performance/installation with both parts in communication with each other. Inside the Studio, the compost piles connect through a line of sight (out through the window) with the compost bins located outside. The participant was invited to create a circular system by turning the compost; taking a bucket, scooping a small amount of compost from the bottom of the hourglass pile, pouring it into the centre of the fertiliser funnel/spreader, and watching the pour form. Outside in Red Square, the participant was invited to visit the 3 compost bins where they could turn the compost by shovelling compost from one bin into another bin, again creating a circular system. In return, participants were offered the gift of a seed in a compost/soil mix in a repurposed container.I also submitted a proposal to NCAD to continue this pilot composting system beyond the Degree exhibition. I offered the College two bins together with instructions and advice from my experience running the project. They decided not to avail of my offer due to lack of personnel. cré* – soilMary Hoy
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