Class of 2022 • Painting

Mary Rose Keane

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology


Graduation Year
Class of 2022


Mary Rose Keane is a visual artist based in Galway in the beautiful west coast of Ireland. Mary Rose has always been fascinated by the experience of art making itself. The feeling of her hands interacting with the materials, the moments before and after mark making. The materials and their interactions direct the piece taking on a life of their own. She is fascinated by the subtle shifts due to seasonal changes in the colour palette in her physical surroundings. Her work is the accumulation of: feelings, memories, landscape, subconscious and conscious thoughts that form into colours and shapes that she interacts with on canvas.

Her work is primarily driven by the way she experiences the world visually. She tries to capture the energy and emotion of particular place or experience using colour and shape. Keane’s constant fascination with colour and how they rest together creating their own unique energy is a key theme in her work.
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