Class of 2023 • Installation

Mollie Browne

Mollie Browne
Ulster University, Belfast School of Art


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


‘Land of Lonely’ explores an imaginary place where one tries to understand what it means tobe lonely. It is a multifaceted series, a hybrid between photography and painting whichencompasses performance, film, sound and a technique I’ve developed entitled acetonemanipulation.Land of Lonely is an introspective analysis of female queer aloneness whilst living in a citysurrounded by people but isolated amid the crowd. This series unmasks my deepest feelingsof desolation, anxiety, tiredness, existentialism and loss.The soundtrack is a collaboration with my brother Thomas, an Irish session musician. Thiscomposition incorporates a blend of my vocals, piano and synthesizers which reverberateslowly in tune with the melody of bird songs from the original footage. It is a reflective echoof the thoughts that live inside my head.The location for this body of work is the field behind my childhood home. A place whichgrounds me, but, at the same time, creates a painful, self-imposed isolation. Pushing my bodyto its physical limits in the cold, my senses were slow, hurt and overwhelmed. Yet, in thisexperience, I found serenity and learned the art of being alone.
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