Class of 2023 • Animation

Muireann Hayes

Muireann Hayes
MTU Crawford College of Art and Design (MTU CCAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


Machnamh is a dance between nature and media. These are often seen as opposing forces and my project was to create a symbiotic relationship between the two. I am a passionate Creative Digital Media Graduate, dedicated to nature's rejuvenation. I've produced a documentary chronicling the construction of a super adobe meditation space, crafted from earth. Super Adobe is a sustainable building technique that uses long sandbags, earth and barbed wire to form a sturdy dome shaped structure. This is the first of this style to be constructed in Ireland. my project aims to inspire young people to learn about natural, cheap building methods while reconnecting us with nature.My vision is to further transform this space into a meditation and tea garden open to the public. I aim to use my media skills to intertwine an immersive experience through projections, light and sound, thereby enriching our connection with the natural realm. The journey continues---
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