Class of 2023 • Animation

Nadia Tai

Nadia Tai
Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


Hello Mommy is a personal message to my dearest mother who passed away suddenly during my first month of university in November 2019. My mother had always been worried about me going to study in Ireland alone, afraid that I would be lonely without family or friends. Now, after studying in Ireland for four years, there are so many things I want to tell her. This animation is a means of closure for myself, a way to say my final goodbye to my beloved Mommy. It is also a love letter of appreciation to my friends and family letting them know their offer of love and company during my journey of grief has been felt. Sometimes when you lose someone, it can be so heart-breaking and painful that you can only see what you have lost. We forget about the people that are still around us, still loving us. Instead of focusing on what I have lost, I chose to appreciate the people that are still around me and found just how deeply I am loved.
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