Class of 2021 • Print

Naomi Arbuthnot

University of Ulster


Graduation Year
Class of 2021


I am a printmaker based in Derry, Northern Ireland. I work in a combination of traditional and contemporary printmaking disciplines, including silk-screen printing and hand-drawn illustration and my work is characterised by vibrant colours and a bold graphic style. Always observing my environment, from holiday sightseeing to quiet domestic moments and natural landscapes, I gather photographic source material for my printmaking projects. My process involves analysis of the images, defining the most succinct way to depict the scene and breaking down the complex colours into planes that can be printed in a single colour. This process is heavily influenced by Pop Art where the proponents were looking for the recognisable essence of a subject matter, creating punchy, iconic images.
The specific colour palette for each work is carefully chosen to best communicate the imagery and set an atmosphere for the piece. I mix colour by hand to get the perfect hue and build up unique colour ways.
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