Class of 2021 • Architecture

Niall Murphy

UCD School of Architecture


Graduation Year
Class of 2021


This work attempts to create a methodology for the analysis and improvement of Irish towns. It begins with the premise that civic buildings and civic space should be continually used and improved for the common good. It questions the definition and extent of these spaces; for example, the streets, the public squares and public buildings are all clearly public domain. But what about the interstitial spaces - the courtyards and backs of buildings within the town? As well as these forgotten spaces, the project attempts to consider how strategic changes to the public domain can influence the threshold to the private, potentially enriching both.

The question emerges: Are our streets and buildings working best for us?

Through study of the existing fabric, I try to address this question and generate a strategy to build upon the analysis. This project is based in Kinsale, Co. Cork. However, it is my hope is that this methodology could be applied to any rural town.
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