Class of 2023 • Print

Oisin Cleary

Oisin Cleary
Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


Drawing inspiration from the vibrant graphics of EDM culture spanning the 80s, 90s, and present, my art is a fusion of captivating compositions that harmoniously blend elements from techno and dance music flyers, posters, and cover arts. At the heart of my creative expression lies a unique focus on characterizing cats, which serves as a powerful medium to convey diverse ideas and emotions within my imagery.Primarily specializing in poster format screen prints, I meticulously design digital stencils to bring my vision to life. My artistic toolkit includes a seamless integration of screenprint, risograph, and digital art, each carefully selected to enhance the visual impact of my creations. Emphasizing both readability and composition, I craft large-scale posters with multiple layers of rich, dynamic colors, making them visually engaging and captivating.What sets my work apart is its universal appeal, attracting individuals from various age groups and diverse backgrounds. Through my art, I aim to create a compelling and immersive experience that resonates deeply with a broad audience.
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