Class of 2021 • Animation

Olivia Leneghan

Limerick School of Art and Design


Graduation Year
Class of 2021


What happens when you allow your fear to consume you and you fall prey to paranoia? When you disconnect from reality?

An ominous, unsettling short film, ‘Disconnect’ delves into the fragile state of mind of a trepidatious young woman struggling with an anxiety disorder.

Through her eyes, mundane, everyday household utensils become menacing and portentous. The mounting chaos brewing in her psyche is portrayed partly through the gradual, unbearable cacophony of these utensils, from the ticking of the clock to the grating churn of the washing machine.

The claustrophobic, suffocating atmosphere is reinforced by the constantly shifting aspect ratio, the paranoia escalating as the walls seem to close in. The agitated protagonist’s rising hysteria manifests itself physically as water rises and overflows, threatening to drown her in fear. This film is a psychological, panic inducing exploration of a moment of anxious disassociation or to quote the title, a disconnect from reality
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