Class of 2023 • Sculpture

Patsy Tyrrell

Patsy Tyrrell
National College of Art and Design (NCAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


I am a visual artist working with performance, sound, drawing and sculpture. My practice is grounded in thinking through making. My practice is rooted in a concern for how the physical and psychological limitations of a person's situational experience might hinder and deviate their movements. I consider how a person's movement through a space determines their perception of it. I contemplate the invisible happenings and ways of being that hold real value.Through touch and time I find a point of contact to make tangible my own perceptual experience. I slow a space down to consider the invisible realities or happenings within the space, visually and physically feeling through an embodied and tacit knowledge of experience.My most recent work, "Monument" frames softness, gentle power and small moments of movement as monumental in both their individual mark and their accumulative fabric. "Monument" is a slow durational performance which involves drawing and sound, it is 10 meters by 1.5 meters approximately. Taking up space in softness, "Monument" exemplifies the structural importance of stillness and vulnerability.
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