Class of 2023 • Photography

Philip Rainey

Philip Rainey
Ulster University, Belfast School of Art


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


I’m awakebut still dreaming, stuck in this prologue to an end.Taking the form of an unfinished elegy, ‘If this is where I leave you’ is a portrait of an unseen relationship between selfhood and spirituality. When you have lost your sense of self within it, no longer able to separate the I from you within the us. Mourning the loss of a relationship that hasn’t yet ended but has become entangled in the void of here and now. Hauntology is embedded within the work by underpinning the motifs of water, light and the window, a love letter to futures lost and pasts fragmented. The strategy of image-text creates a layer of controlled yet confessional writing contrasting against the detached enigma of the imagery. Investigating love, loss and longing.
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