Class of 2021 • Installation

Rachel Daly

Crawford College of Art and Design


Graduation Year
Class of 2021


My work is an exploration of discomfort and artificiality within domestic space. Our interior lives are rooted to the spaces we live in, linking place with private psychologies of desire and anxiety. As the home is traditionally associated with a sense of security, my work ruptures this aspirational space and shows that there is more beneath the surface of the conventional. The things that console us and the ones we find unsettling often have the same origins. The home can slide from a comfort zone to a site of disquiet.

My practice includes digital and analogue photography, film, music and installation. Through bodily gesture, the constructed images depict intimate scenes of figures teetering on the verge of dysfunctional moments. Through the combined elements of installation, I play with the perceptions of the viewer in dislocating domestic space. The viewer is not provided with a full narrative but is instead presented with visual and transient fragments.
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