Class of 2022 • Fashion

Rachel Morris

National College of Art and Design


Graduation Year
Class of 2022


“Sin, No Sin” is a unisex collection inspired by my mother’s 1970s primary school religion workbook; “Christ’s Life in Us”. Taking imagery and text from this workbook, the aim of this collection is to address the harrowing influence the Catholic Church had and still has on Irish society. These influences can be seen in the language used within the religion workbook. Phrases such as “Sin, No Sin” and “Jesus said no to the Devil” are printed onto the garments to convey feelings of oppression felt by Irish society in relation to gender and sexuality. This collection features embellishment and drypoint print. The choice of techniques alongside the fabrics used challenge ideas of gender norms within Irish society. The aim of this collection is to create a thought-provoking response whereby the words Sin, No Sin and the Devil can be perceived by the audience on an individual and personal level.
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