Class of 2023 • Design

Sam Warren

Sam Warren
National College of Art and Design (NCAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


As a kid I always loved making things. Whether it be building Lego, creating art or building gadgets inscouts, I have always been motivated by the thought of an end goal of something tangible. I feel thatthis plays to pay strengths as a product designer and creative as a whole, as this drive helps meoutput the best design work that I can.Human connection is at the forefront of my design ethos. I want the products that I create to bringpeople together. In modern times with the aftermath of covid and constant advances in technology,our world is lonelier than its ever been. If my design work can successfully bring people closertogether, then that’s all that matters.I feel that my intensive research and artistic prowess are my two greatest strengths in design. I striveto learn everything there is to know about a topic. Every bit of info could be gold. I believe adesigners greatest asset is his sketchbook. I utilise high quality sketching and model making togenerate high quality design concepts.
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