Class of 2021 • Installation

Shania McDonagh

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology


Graduation Year
Class of 2021


My practice examines The Human and its bodily condition, driven through an obsessive inquiry into concepts of skin, materiality, otherness, duality, and the dimensions and limitations of the physical body. The work is realized through an intensive interdisciplinary approach, incorporating a range of materials and processes, from tapes, glues, foams and found objects to oil painting, photography and wax modelling. I draw from a variety of disciplines including science, philosophy, literature and mythology, and works will often reference art history, religious iconography and historical medical illustration.
Harbouring dualities of real and artificial, inside and outside, presence and absence, life and death, the works probe these existential concerns through an explorative and often playful sensibility. The exhaustive nature of my studio methodology, manifests as a deep questioning, which efforts to enhance an empathetic fathoming of what it means to be human.
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