Class of 2023 • Fashion

Simona Govi

Simona Govi
Griffith College


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


“Within Reach“ is a spring summer 2023/24 womenswear collection inspired by my personal association with the theme of freedom. Due to my strong connection with this feeling when riding my bike I have been inspired by daily objects that I encounter on my journeys such as bridges and street signs. These objects have served as inspiration for the shapes within my collection. The colour palette, mainly consisting of grey, orange, blue and red tones, originates from my favourite artwork on the Berlin wall, a symbol of freedom in my home country Germany and something I aspire for the wearer to feel and portray. The collection “Within Reach“ has an energetic and adventurous feel whilst being comfortable but dynamic. The comfort aspect was particularly important to me when creating the collection, as the customers should feel free and unrestricted while wearing the garments. Moreover, freedom is also reflected in the choice of materials, mainly consisting of comfortable organic jersey and lightweight outdoor fabrics. The natural aspect of the collection is underlined by hand embroidery on selected garments reflecting rusty walls. By choosing the entire collection being reversible and interchangeable, the wearer is given the option to experiment with different looks, allowing them to spontaneously create a new look that fits their current feel and mood whilst contributing to sustainability at the same time.
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