Class of 2023 • Fashion

Siobhán Curtis

Siobhán Curtis
National College of Art and Design (NCAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


“Fight or Flight” is a response to two questions: What does stress look like? What does stress feel like? To some, it may be a passing occurrence, but for others, it can be deep and constant; a perpetual sensation. Inspired by the Rorschach test and personal experience, this internal emotion is morphed into an external sculpture curving to and from the body and skin it was once concealed within. Emphasis on the materiality of leather is used in my work to convey a concept and narrative of induced emotions, rather than being used for utilitarian products. Distressing processes and techniques are used on the leather to portray the narrative of intensity, pressure and tension experienced within and on the body while undergoing this emotion. All leather was sustainably sourced by using discarded offcuts from local upholstery businesses. As a material leather compliments the thematic of what my work represents. The material depicts the concept of both the emotional and physical reactions caused by ‘stress’.
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