Class of 2021 • Installation

Stacey Mulligan

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology


Graduation Year
Class of 2021


Using film, ceramics, sculpture and physical action, my practice explores how to disrupt the ideology of archetypes. I believe that gender is a social construct. Gender archetypes enforce limitations on all individuals. We are conditioned from childhood to conform with established social norms.
The hammer is conventionally seen as a masculine object. During my process, I subvert the hammer and the nail to produce a new object, one that is delicate and fragile.
I construct minimalist installations that comment on the complex notion of gender.
Inspired by the deceptively feminine sport of cheerleading, (traditionally an all-male activity), I explore the conventional, masculine characteristics of aggression and strength. The formal qualities of balance, weight, tension, mass and time are reflective of the conditions I must master in order to successfully complete the actions of my performance. It seeks to push beyond my body’s limits to reveal its true potential of endurance.
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