Class of 2023 • Visual Communication

Stacy Miyoung Kim

Stacy Miyoung Kim
National College of Art and Design (NCAD)

Visual Communication

Graduation Year
Class of 2023


My work is often inspired by human connection. I am passionate about bridging cultural gaps and sharing stories as a means of facilitating positive change. Food is often the most uncomplicated and approachable introduction to different cultures. Through engaging with the food of a culture, one is typically exposed to the languages, customs, social rules and norms, practices and history of that culture. In essence, sharing food is sharing insight into a culture and a people. The act of commensality often requires vulnerability, openness and humility.This body of work explores food as a tool to unearth stories of identity and belonging. In particular, the stories of third culture individuals, immigrants, and minority groups. It aims to carve out safe and welcoming spaces that encourage openness, learning, and cultural exchange as well as highlight diverse narratives and experiences. It intends to lead to conversations that move society away from mere performative diversity and into pluralistic and collaborative relationships.
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