Class of 2023 • Visual Communication

Tara Lynch

Tara Lynch
National College of Art and Design (NCAD)

Visual Communication

Graduation Year
Class of 2023


Sparks of Creativity grew out of a previously chosen topic that had hita brick wall. Trying everything and still remaining unsatisfied, I shifted my focus to thecreative process in general. Creative block is a universal experience among all artists anddesigners and my project aims to find ways to overcome this and to investigate how otherartists and designers work through their creative processes. Across my outcomes, I appealto other creatives who are looking to spark an idea and discover more about the creativeprocess.I am a Dublin based illustrator and printmaker. Creating textured and unique pieces, I aminspired by the nuances of everyday life. I enjoy balancing opposing qualities in my work,flipping between painterly strokes and graphic line drawings. Print design, particularlywithin the realm of risograph printed publications, also holds a great interest for me. Theallure of risograph printing, with its unique textures, vibrant colours, and intricate details,captivates my creativity and allows me to push the boundaries of design in captivatingand unconventional ways.
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