Class of 2022 • Ceramics

Tomas Correa Monteiro Machado

University of Ulster


Graduation Year
Class of 2022


I am mix-media artist and my artworks all come from different experiences of life and expressions of my interests. I use the processes of mould-making, performance, sculpture, installation, and ceramics in the process of the creation of my works. Most of the incentive for my work comes from the exploration of my identity as a queer person which comes from different events and contexts of my personal life which shaped who I am as a person and as an artist. A lot of my recent work not only explores the ideas of a young queer artist who is self exploring ideas of being queer, but also tries to make sense at the same time of traumatic experiences brought by being queer from mental, physical, and sexual abuse, and how to show those raw emotions. My most recent work was a ceramic installation of three pieces which expressed those raw emotions with sexual visuals. The installation included a phallic water fountain, a large mount of pots and three poems that described each work.
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