Class of 2023 • Installation

Zara Lyness

Zara Lyness
Ulster University, Belfast School of Art


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


I am a female, Irish artist based in Co. Down. I have an integrated approach to my practice, combining sculptural, ceramic, mark making and live performance processes alternating between themes of relationships and permissions. I apply perceptions of memory and experience through a semi-autobiographic lens. This is underpinned, or undermined, with an internal cycle of dialogue regarding conceptual and material values, and the validity of outcomes. Recognition, recollection and connection are significant considerations threaded throughout my work as I aim to find ways to connect with a viewer, materially, visually or emotionally, opening a space for dialogue. By slowing down and separating threads of research I can choose moments to share, these moments hold value. I tell small stories.
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