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Sir Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) Portrait of a bearded man, in three-quarter profile, bust-length, with a white collar and gold chains oil on oak panel, unframed 50.9×41.2cm Photo courtesy ©Christie’s images limited 2015
The decision by the Trustees of the Beit … Read More

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Spring 2015 Edition

Conor Harrington Dance With the Devil 2013 oil and spray paint on linen 200 x 250cm
THREE years ago, the graffiti artist Conor Harrington made the front cover of the Irish Arts Review connected to an article on urban art by … Read More

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Autumn 2014 Edition

The Crafts Council has been metamorphosed into the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland and is launching a campaign next year to promote more employment opportunities in design related businesses. Irish Design 2015 will be of particular interest to the … Read More

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Spring Edition 2017

Supporting historic houses
Westport House, Co Mayo
THE Minister for the Arts and Heritage, Heather Humphreys, is undertaking a review of the current tax relief to owners of ‘historic’ properties and is inviting  submissions from concerned parties before the end of March. … Read More

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Powerful computer software enables artists to manipulate images

Throughout history, technological inventions have shaped the development of graphic art. In 2500 BC, the Egyptians used graphic symbols to communicate their thoughts in a written form known as hieroglyphics. The Egyptians wrote and illustrated narratives on rolls of papyrus … Read More

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