New Generation Gallery

Jack Scollard

BA Fine Art Print with Critical Cultures , National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2021

My practice is concerned with exploring themes of monumentality, the body and ideas of the anti-monument. The process underpinning this body of work is designed to visually interrogate what it means for images to be extracted, reproduced and reappropriated. As reinterpretations based on a series of graphite drawings of outdoor gym equipment, the sculptural works are conceived as frivolous provocations of the logic that reframes and promotes the body as a site of labour, in which health is a commodity to be earned. As well as this, the sculptures are to be considered as a mimicry of the body itself. Encased by a fleshy gold paint, these light but rigid plaster frames represent speculative endoskeletons or abstracted embodiments. Their eerie mid-air suspension connotes the modes of display of the deceased in natural history museums, perhaps implying that they are relics; monuments to our bodily decay.

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by Jack Scollard