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Luke Ryan

Photography, Technological University Dublin

New Generation Gallery

I am a photographic artist from Dublin, Ireland. My work treats a number of contemporary issues such as surveillance, artificial intelligence, consumerism, and modern technologies. The appropriation of digital images from public sources such as webcams, GaN (Generative Adversarial Networks) systems or online databases is an important feature of my practice, as these methods have the ability to reveal the hidden, underlying networks in society. The lack of materiality of the digital image is also important to me. I collect images in abundance, shaping and moulding them into bodies of work. This working method was used for my books State of Security (2020), T.H.E.M.: The Heuristic Electric Machine (2020-2021) and Chief Designer (2021-2021). Drawing upon online archives, I equally experiment with photographic printing processes in order to enhance the tactile nature of the images and challenge the boundaries between the material and the immaterial.

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