New Generation Gallery

Rachel Doolin

BA (Hons) Fine Art, Crawford College of Art and Design


September 2016

‘Material Nature’ is an exhibition of new works by artist Rachel Doolin.

‘Material Nature’ will be hosted by Table Restaurant, 2nd Floor Brown Thomas, Cork.

The exhibition will open on Friday 23 September at 6pm and will run until 12 November 2016.

New Generation Gallery 2015

Explorations of nature in this epoch of human influence are the focus of the artist's practice. Through Mixed media sculpture & installation Rachel references science while examining humanities continual pursuit to improve or manipulate nature to suit an industrial model. Ultimately, Her work poses the question: How can we define or locate nature in a world that is dominated by productivity.

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Promethean Illusions, Weeds by Rachel Doolin
Promethean Illusions, Nests by Rachel Doolin
Promethean Illusions, Sponges by Rachel Doolin