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Guidelines for submission

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Please follow the below guidelines when submitting your work to the Irish Arts Review (IAR) New Generation Gallery.

1. Include your contact details.

Galleries/potential buyers may want to contact you regarding your work so please include your email address or a link to your website or a link to your social media profile.

2. Write your artist’s statement in the first person.

Please use I/me/my when writing your statement. This makes it more personal to your work, and gives your outlook on your practice. E.g. I am inspired by… My work uses paint to show…

3. Ensure all links you include are live.

4. Upload six images or two videos.

You must upload a minimum of three photos or one video. Images must be between 300 KB and 1 MB in size. If they are any smaller they will be blurry, and if they are any larger they will fail to upload.

For videos use embed links, otherwise the content won’t show on the website. These can befound using the share button on most video platforms (e.g. Vimeo/YouTube).

5. Caption your images Title, Year, Medium, Size.

This caption format is the industry standard and will help viewers identify and understand your work. For size use height x width in cm for 2D works, and height x width x depth for 3D works.

Please remember the deadline for submission is 18 August 2023. If you have any questions, or need any help, get in touch with us by email at [email protected]

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for inclusion in the New Generation Artist Online Gallery

We are: Irish Arts Review, Tower 3 Fumbally Court, Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8, D08 TXY8 Ireland, Company Reg: 8220576E

Tel: +353 1 676 6711

You are: a user of our services.

1 Definitions
“Us/Our/We” means
“You/Yours” etc. means you, a user of our services.
“Site means web site
“Service” means the process of displaying your Artwork through the Site.

2 Acceptance of Artist
2.1 We reserve the right to accept or decline Your application to display Artworks through Us. Your application includes Your acceptance of these terms and conditions.
2.2 You warrant that all information supplied to Us is accurate and up to date and that the artwork you provide is entirely your own work.
2.3 You agree to have Your artwork and descriptive information displayed on the Site.
2.4 You will inform Us of any changes in the information stored by Us including name, address and contact details.

3 Acceptance of Artworks
3.1 We reserve the right to accept or decline Your application to display any Artwork through Us for any reason.

4 Copyright
4.1 You warrant that all work displayed through Us is free of any copyright restrictions or intellectual property disputes. You warrant the Work is Yours to show. You give permission for us to use your work on all Irish Arts Review Social Media platforms and for marketing of the New Generation Gallery.

5 Complaints and Takedown Policy
If we receive a complaint that we, in our reasonable opinion, decide is accurate, or has the potential to be determined as accurate, we may remove the content that is the subject of the complaint pending an investigation. Any removal will be on a “without prejudice” basis and shall not constitute any admission of responsibility on the part of the Irish Arts Review or any other party.

We will notify the contributor that a complaint has been received and content may be removed within two working days. The contributor will then be given an opportunity to respond to the complaint in writing within five working days.

Upon making a final determination on the complaint, we may:
– reinstate the content
– amend the content at its discretion
– permanently remove the content

If you have any complaints or objections to material or content, please contact us with your name, email address, telephone number, a detailed description of your complaint, and the URL or location of the content in question.

Please read the Irish Arts Review Privacy Policy here.
Enquiries should be clearly marked as ‘New Generation’ and emailed to: E. [email protected]

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