This autumn, the Lewis Glucksman Gallery and Triskel Arts Centre present new work commemorating the legacy of George Boole, the first Professor of Mathematics at Queen’s College Cork whose invention of Boolean algebra and symbolic logic pioneered a new mathematics. At the Glucksman Gallery, ‘Boolean Expressions: Contemporary Art and Mathematical Data’ explores the ways in which artists use mathematical concepts and systems in their work (see page 376 of this edition). At Triskel, sculptor Marie Foley and curator Jobst Graeve presents ‘Aesthetic Logic’ a year-long evolving exhibition. The project will have two physical locations – the public building linking Christchurch with the Triskel Arts Centre and Foley’s studio.
Glucksman Gallery: until 8 November
Triskel Arts: until 2 November
Image: Marie Foley at Triskel Arts Centre