Photography, archaeology and historical damage converge in the exhibition ‘After Easter: Photographs of Dublin in 1916’ by Thomas Johnson Westropp, which runs in the Architecture Gallery, Irish Architectural Archive. The exhibition features new large-format prints of photographs of central Dublin taken in the aftermath of the Easter Rising. Westropp was an antiquarian of some standing and, although trained as an engineer, devoted his career to the discipline that he referred to as ‘the severe and less popular type of archaeology.’ He used his camera as an archaeological tool, and in the aftermath of the Easter Rising, Westropp brought the keen eye of an antiquarian to bear on the damaged city. His position and reputation provided him with privileged access and, between May and June, he took at least forty-four photographs of ‘Dublin after the Easter Rebellion.’ Of these twenty-two, derived from the original album images, are presented in the exhibition.
After Easter: until 31 August
Image: Thomas Johnson Westropp